About the exhibit

Originally presented in association with the national traveling exhibition, Women Hold Up The Sky at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Dada Rafiki: Sisters of Legacy is collaboration between the Eye of the Artists Foundation and the Freedom Center. Curated and designed by renowned Cincinnati artist and arts educator Annie Ruth, this exhibit features 40 trailblazing Cincinnati women age 65 and older from different races, backgrounds and professions. Dada Rafiki (pronounced dah-dah, rah-fee-key) means sister friend in the Kiswahili language of East Africa. This celebration of sisterhood represents the spirit of faith, innovation, perseverance, empowerment and unity. The lives of these women demonstrate that we can all be change agents in our community.

In commemoration of National Women’s History Month in March, Dada Rafiki: Sisters of Legacy incorporates the artwork of numerous visual artists on forty colorful panels with striking graphics, inspiring messages, art reproductions and photography designed for broad appeal.

The spirit, courage and determination of these extraordinary women helped to change the course of national and local Cincinnati history, thereby laying the foundation for future generations. “Many of the women and their stories are not well known to our youth, but their contributions have been phenomenal in shaping Cincinnati and other parts of the world. I am here to tell their stories through art. The goal of this exhibition is to empower young people and the community at large through the arts,” said Annie Ruth, Curator.

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